Sarah Noland, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, began dancing at a young age. After many years of traveling and competing, Sarah moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she started her training at Royal Dance Works with teachers including Jaci Royal, Dana Metz, and Olga Tarasova. She has performed at events such as the Capezio 125th Anniversary Celebration and Nigel Lythgoe’s annual Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala under the direction of Mandy Moore, and she was recently a part of Dana Metz's full-length show, Out of Hand. 

At the age of 19, Sarah has recently relocated to Los Angeles to begin her professional career. Since doing so, she started working with Erica Sobol as a member of her training program, The Gypsy Project. Sarah began working with Royal Flux in 2015 as an apprentice, and she is excited to continue dancing with the company. 


Instagram - @sarnoland

Twitter - @sarnoland